The Importance of Commercial Move-in Cleaning to Ensure a Spotless Office

Have a Safe Transfer!

Nobody likes to go into a filthy office. You never know what type of filth the former occupants left behind, after all. However, it might take a lot of time and effort to attempt to clean up a workplace on your own. There is a strong probability that attempting to clean the workplace on your own might cause problems if you are moving in under pressure. Here are some commercial move-in cleaning tips to ensure a spotless office:

Clean the Refrigerator and Kitchen Area

The kitchen should be visited first if you have food that has to be refrigerated. Utilizing your cleaning checklist, start with the countertops and refrigerator before moving on to the remainder of the kitchen. Remove the refrigerator, then sweep, vacuum, and clean the area around it. Inside and out, thoroughly clean the refrigerator and freezer, giving special attention to the racks and drawers. While you clean the remainder of the equipment, let the racks and drawers soak in the kitchen sink. Reassemble everything after you’re through, then place your food inside of your spotless refrigerator.

Clean the Bathrooms

Start by looking for leaks, broken grout and caulk, and mold. Make a list of any difficulties that should be resolved later; right now, your priority should be a hygienic bathroom. Open a window and turn on the exhaust fan before you start cleaning. This will provide appropriate ventilation and reduce any accumulation of cleaning product fumes. Clean the sink, shower, tub, toilet bowl, and faucets. If there is filth accumulation in the tub or shower, immerse them in a cleaning solution for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing.

Clean the Floors

One of the final items on your move-in cleaning list should be scrubbing the flooring. Some dirt, dust, and filth eventually accumulate on your flooring after you’ve cleaned the entire space. In order to ensure everything is as clean as possible when you move in, save the floors and carpet for last. Prior to using the carpet, allow it to completely dry, which normally takes several hours. Next, thoroughly vacuum the carpet once more to get rid of any leftovers. To keep your carpet clean while moving, lay down carpet runners, matting, or plastic once you’re ready to move in.

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